Industrial Nameplates

IMD Nameplate

In-Mold Decoration, or IMD, is quickly becoming the preferred way to decorate plastic products. IMD can facilitate production efficiency by, for example, eliminating the need to change the resin in a molding machine to accommodate a new color. In-mold products may incorporate functional graphics, brand names, and logos, or may be used for purely decorative effects.


Normic's engineering staff closely co-ordinates the development process for in-mold applications. It's critical that all aspects of the process are taken into account before actual production. For instance, the substrate and ink must withstand the molding process, the graphics must not be distorted by the forming or molding operations, and the materials used need to be compatible to ensure a strong bond to each other. The IMD process produces a durable product with graphics or designs that can be changed easily and inexpensively.